April 30, 2017

Guild Ball: New Guilds Inbound For Me

Seeing how I just about have every model for my Engineer's Guild in Guild Ball (minus two models, which I will eventually purchase), I thought it was time to expand my Guilds.  When my son and I purchased the Kick Off starter set I did receive the Brewer's Guild from the box, but I wanted to expand even more.

From when I first heard/learned about Guild Ball, the Fisherman's playstyle (high scoring) always intrigued me.  But painting the shades of blue had deterred me.  Well no longer, this past Friday I went and ordered the Starter set along with 'Salt', 'Sakana', 'Greyscales' and 'Jac'.

Then yesterday while I was sick in bed, I was reading the new Season 3 rulebook and my son texted me and mentioned he liked the Alchemist's Guild.  So I decided to take a closer look at them.  Seeing how I already have 'Compound' for my Engineer's that can also play for the Alchemist's (that's one model down), I thought why not let's add the Alchemist's Guild also.  For the Alchemist's I purchased the Starter set, 'Naja', 'Katalyst' and 'Vitriol'.

I have always been the type of hobbier that loves to collect different armies, then attempt to paint them, and then finally play a game.  Seeing how with each Guild all you need is a minimum of 6 players on the Pitch, I can see myself eventually collecting all the Guilds.

So stay tuned the month of May while I work on my Alchemist's and Fisherman's.


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