April 23, 2017

Bolt Action: United States 'Lieutenant Richard Winters'

"Lieutenant Richard 'Dick' Winters, made famous as the main character in the TV show Band of Brothers, Major Winters was the highly decorated commander of ‘Easy Company’, part of the US 101st Airborne Division, during World War II."

Back in June 2014, Historicon worked with Warlord Games and released a special 30th Anniversary Special Miniature fitting tribute to Richard 'Dick' Winters.

My son and I were not able to attend Historicon (we were living in Arizona and Historicon is on the East Coast) but Warlord Games was selling the model on their online store for that weekend.  So I made note in my calendar and had to make sure that I ordered it for my son.

Fast forward three years and yesterday Lt. Winters finally saw my painting table.  Unfortunately he his modeled with a Rifle, and in Bolt Action most people play their Lieutenants's with SMG's, but it would be nice change once in awhile for him to hit the battlefield.

 Lt. Winters in 'Band of Brothers'

 Lt. Wiinters with Dog Tags

 Lt. Winters

 Lt. Winters

Painting Points: 1


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