December 30, 2015

2015 Year in Review

Well once again it is that time of year where us gamers do a recap of our accomplishments (or non accomplishments) from the year.
I had pretty high ambitions for 2015 when it started out, but then the weather warmed up and my Cycling started to take over my life (and health...losing 90lbs from cycling). Cycling 3 times a day made it hard to get any other hobbies in for the day, then on the weekends it was usually going out riding with a group for longer rides which took up most of the day and throwing in some out of town weekend Tours.
2015 started out with my post "What's in store for 2015", so I will be using that original post and we will review how the year has went.
Bolt Action
This was a game I had thought was really going to see the gaming table a lot in 2015 (with having 3 fully painted armies and models to add). I had ranked this game as a Top 2 for me to play in the year. As you can see in my Sidebar, I played 0 games of Bolt Action. BUST
X-Wing was predicted to be my Top game for the year, with pre-painted models and games only lasting about 75 minutes, I thought for sure this would be played a lot. I started the year with a pretty decent start, playing 7 games.....then nothing. Not even the new movie got me re-excited for the game. I also personally feel that Fantasy Flight Games started releasing their Waves a bit too fast for me. I enjoyed it when the Waves were not one right after another and gave you sometime to collect the models. BUST
Dungeons & Dragons
With the release of D&D5E in late 2014, I got really excited for this game and jumped back into role playing. My oldest and youngest son both joined me and we found a weekly gaming group. We did finish the first 2 official modules for D&D5E. Then the group wanted to play an alternate universe that did not interest me so the roleplaying stopped.
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
Like with X-Wing, this game started hot for my oldest son and I, then died on me. We managed to play 8 games for the year.
Warhammer 40K
I had rated this game farely low (3 on a scale 1-10) for being played in 2015. The first 4 months of the year that changed. I managed to get in 8 games, paint a few models and we started a map based campaign. Then as I mentioned above, the weather got nice and I stopped all gaming from April-September.
I really do like W40K 7th Edition, but GW's prices are extremely high, and I feel there are too many codexes out now for all the different variations you can have in the armies.
Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Kings of War
As I predicted with a score of 1, Fantasy did not see any gaming time for me, nor any interest.
This one I had scored it a 3 and that depended if the bug bite to play again. Well in September for some reason that bug must have bite me pretty hard. Warmachine got me back into gaming for 2015. Since September I managed to get in 7 games and this month I was able to paint up 32 models.
My son and I are also registered to attend the Las Vegas Open for Warmachine in February, and we are also signed up for Privateer Press's 'Lock & Load' in Seattle in June of 2016.
With Warmachine/Hordes, I enjoy the farely low model count in the army (takes less time to setup a game). PP does a nice job with their Steamroller Rules each year with different scenarios, and with 'deathclock' the games are played pretty fast. For some reason, I really really enjoy the sculpts of the models, especially Hordes and I enjoy my time painting them.
Thinking this game may be a bust, it turned out to be a late hit for me.
Flames of War
Just like Bolt Action, another BUST for me with 0 games played.
Legends of the Old West
I still had no inclination to play an Old West game in 2015. I scored it a 2 and it received a 1.
Beyond the Gates of Antares
I gave this game a score of 7. I was pretty excited to see a sci-if version of Bolt Action and I really thought I may get into this game. The official rules were released late in 2015, and I did NOT purchase them. A lot of locals did purchase the rulebooks and starter sets. For now I am holding back, maybe I did not jump into it because I actually played some W40K this year (and still have plenty of armies for W40K).
That's about it for 2015. The year started off really strong and is finishing really strong (with a hiatus in between).
Stay tuned on Friday January 1st when we find out What's in store for 2016!


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