December 11, 2015

WM: Khador Great Bears Of Gallowswood (Unit)

Last night I was able to complete yet another Unit for my Khador Army, the Great Bears Of Gallowswood. Once I get going on a deadline, I just roll them out. Grant it none of my paint jobs are of excellent quality, but at least they are table-top worthy and I can play with a painted army.
Completing this Unit just puts me over 50% for models completed that I need for the Las Vegas Open (in less than 2 months). More than likely I will be adding a Unit of Widowmakers to the paint queue just in case I decide to go with a different list (Butcher Warcasters).
My goal is to have my 50 point list completed by the end of this month (December), then more than likely will slowly start on some Hordes models (with a few Khador mix-ins to change it up a bit).
Great Bears Of Gallowswood: Yarovich/Volkov/Kolsk
Great Bears Of Gallowswood: Yarovich/Volkov/Kolsk
Painting Points: 3


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