December 28, 2015

Hordes: Minions Ironback Spitter (Warbeast)

Earlier today I had said it was good weekend for me and painting my Hordes Gatorman. Two posts in one day. After I finished my Warlock Rask yesterday morning, I had then decided to start on my next Warbeasts Ironback Spitter.
Just like with Rask, I opted to stray away from the Privateer Press colors for this models. I did not care for the 'orange' look that Privateer Press used, and elected to go with my shades of green to be consistent with the rest of my Gatorman Army.
I had also started painting my Bull Snapper at the same time (at least what I thought was Bull Snapper and it turned out I had started on Snapjaw instead. So Snapjaw will be moved over and Bull Snapper will take it's place in queue).
Ironback Spitter
Ironback Spitter
Ironback Spitter
That's 3 Hordes models completed this weekend..... I wonder how my son is doing painting his models...
Painting Points: 5


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