December 29, 2015

Hordes: Minions Bull Snapper (Warbeast)

My Minions Gatorman Battlegroup is now completed. For my Battlegroup, I have my Warlock Rask, and for my Warbeasts; Blackhide Wrastler, Ironback Spitter and Bull Snapper. I am now ready for some 'Tooth & Claw' games.
The Gatorman really fit my painting style with dark colors, so I can quickly get them painted and onto the battlefield.
Up next will be my Solo, Wrongeye & Snapjaw. Not sure if they will be done before New Years, if not they will be one of the first posts for 2016. After they are completed, then it's 3 Units of Gatorman Posse and I will then have 50 points completed.
Bull Snapper
Bull Snapper
Painting Points: 2


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