April 3, 2018

Daily Chronicle: The Urge To Play X-Wing

I do not know why, but for some reason I have to urge to play X-Wing again.  It may be since I am fresh from coming back from AdeptiCon and I saw a lot of games being played there and the fact Fantasy Flight Games were selling a bunch of models, or the fact that they are pre-painted and easier to get them down on the gaming table.  I am leaning towards the latter.  I have already ruled out purchasing into the new Star Wars Legion (I do not not have the time to paint more miniatures) so than there is X-Wing.  I have not played a game in three years and all of our ships are still in Arizona, but I think when my son comes up it will have to be a game we try to rotate into the gaming schedule again.  I have no clue what the current ‘meta’ is and I am sure we are way behind in collecting ships, but we can at least play the game for fun with what we have.

More than likely, Warmachine/Hordes will be our defacto game that we play, then we will also rotate in Guild Ball, Batman Miniatures Game and if time allows, I think X-Wing.  Hopefully my son will also agree.


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