April 2, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #13

Last week was a very slow week in regards to painting and playing any games, I am still in a little rut from my downtime from AdeptiCon and trying to catch up on all my TV shows that I missed during that time.  My TV time takes away from my painting time.  As I mentoned yesterday I have a lot of model in my queue for 2nd quarter, I need to get going on some of these, at least the ones that I need to have completed for the NOVA Open, I know it is still 5 months away, but I would feel a lot better once they are completed.  I also need to start getting in some more games again, but a catch 22 for me is I would like to practice the list I may be playing at the NOVA, so I need to get the models assembled and painted, at least assembled.

Week #13

Models Completed: 1
Trollbloods: Skaldi Bonehammer

Games Played: 0


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