February 15, 2015

Battle Report: X-Wing 2/13/2015

My long vacation (drive to Florida and back) is over and it is time to get some gaming back in. It has been quite awhile since I played, so this weekend I got in a game of X-Wing and Warhammer 40K.
First we start with X-Wing on Friday night. 'Dark Knight' played in a Store Championship last weekend at Desert Sky Games and was able to get 5 games in and some practice and it showed off.

Game: Dogfight
Points: 100

'Han &Chewy' [100] (Arrow)
Han Solo (YT-1300) [54]
[Marsmanship, Gunner]
Chewbacca (YT-1300) [46]
[Push The Limit, Millennium Falcom]

'XXXZZZ' [99] (Dark Knight)
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) [21]
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) [21]
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) [21]
Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-Wing) [12]
Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-Wing) [12]
Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-Wing) [12]

Let's just say that when you have 6 ships shooting at you, your bound to crash & burn. The 2 YT-1300's could not shake off all the shots from the X's and Z's. Han & Chewy did manage to take down all 3 Z-Wings's, but the X-Wings then finished off Han Solo just as time was about to expire.
'Dark Knight' got the Match Win.
I think this would be a good list for 'Dark Knight' to try in the next Store Championships. I may have to try and come up with some type of Rebel swarm list to also play. All the fire power is tough to deal with.
'Dark Knight' Starting Fleet
'Arrow' Starting Fleet
The Final Outcome


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