April 5, 2018

WM: Khador Decimator 1 (Warjack)

I almost forgot to post this today (I was deep in thought about my Hordes game tonight) but I finally was able to finsh my ‘Decimator’ Warjack for my Khador army.  I started this model awhile ago and just was slowly adding colors to him as I had time, well last night I decided to actually finish him up.  This model came from the battlegroup box and I did not realize how crappy the plastic was until I started to paint him.  I should have taken some more time to really look him over and clean him up before I primed him.  I have another Khador battlegroup box on my shelf, when I get to those models I’ll be sure to really look them over.

Decimator 1

Decimator 1

Painting Points: 5


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