April 6, 2018

Battle Report: Hordes 4/5/2018 Minions vs Trollbloods (75 Points)

It has been awhile since I met up with my friend for another game of Hordes (3/12/2018) just before AdeptiCon and last night it was my time to host the game.  I am leaning towards playing a ‘Rask’ Will Work For Food theme at this years NOVA Open Team Tournament at the end of August and I figure it is time to actually start getting some practice in.  I do not have ‘Rorsh & Brine’ assembled yet so they did not make the list last night and I also wanted to give my ‘Dracodile’ another go at it.

I am leaning towards the Will Work For Theme hoping that it may save me some time on the clock with less models to move around, well last night that did not prove to be the point and I still clocked out during Turn 2.  My deployment time was much better, but I was still referencing the rules a lot during my turn (especially with the Lesser Warlocks) and that chewed up most of my time.  We did play it to the Top of Turn 4 though.  Since the game was getting kind of long on time, I just walked ‘Rask’ up to his army and surrender.  Up to that point it was actually kind of close, the score was actually 0-0 and I had killed more models than he had.  He was running two Units of Champions in his list and this Turn 4 they would have finished off the ‘Dracodile’.

‘Skarath’ was a MVP for my army killing off a Unit by herself with her sprays and attacks (a big plus with OVERTAKE and a 2” melee range).  In all honesty I think my Warbeasts ‘Skarath’, ‘Snapjaw’ and ‘Lug’ did more damage than the ‘Dracodile’ and ‘Wrastler’.  ‘Orin Midwinter’ also made his debut and CHAIN LIGHTNING did help with some of his Units.  Seeing how the Trollblood list did not drop any smoke clouds, my ‘Bog Trog Mist Speaker’ really did not do much, but he is there just in case ‘Kolgrima’ decides to show up.

I still need MUCH MORE practice with these guys and to memorize my rules.

Scenario: Breakdown


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