February 11, 2016

WM: Khador Widowmakers (Unit)

The night before I left for the LVO, I decided that I would prep these guys/gal and apply the base color of brown to them. I did this so when I came back from the event I would have some motivation to get them painted.
Tuesday night was my 20th Wedding Anniversary, so no painting was done that night, but last night I sat down at my station and got these guys knocked out.
I am really undecided what is going to hit the painting station next. I was thinking of possibly painting Butcher 3, but I may decide to playtest him this weekend or Monday night, and I do not like to play with models that are primed or in a stage of painting. If I think I can get him done quickly he may be next, otherwise it may be a Trollblood model or possibly some Cryx.
Painting Points: 4


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