February 22, 2016

Hordes: Minions Saxon Orrick (Solo)

It was a slow weekend for painting for me, only was able to get this 1 model completed (although I was able to get 2 games in on Friday night).
Saxon Orrick is another Solo that I need for my Khador Butcher 3 list (down to 17 models to get that list completed).
Saturday night my son and I visited another LGS way on the other side of town for us (meeting some friends for dinner in the area). This LGS (Imperial Outpost Games) is the only local store that carries my Army Painter Washes that I like to use, so I figure while I was there I'll stock up on a few bottles. As I was going to make my purchase, I decided that I would try a change. I decided to pick up the P3 Flesh Wash and Armor Wash instead and give these a try.
So this is my first model trying the P3 Flesh Wash on the entire model and Armor Wash on the weapon. In all honesty I am undecided on the Flesh Wash (need to try a thinner next time with it). The Flesh Wash seems to 'pool' more than the Army Painter. Army Painter seems to work better on the flat spots also. But the Flesh Wash did a better job on the lighter colors (although I could also try Army Painter's lighter shade for my light colors). I am really torn on what to do, I like to keep with the P3 line of paints (since all my paint now is P3), but I feel a little more comfortable with the Army Painter washes. I think I will have to do another model and think the wash a bit and see how it comes out. Just not sure on what I want to test it with. Having to drive 100 miles round trip or paying for shipping for the Army Painter washes adds some expense, where as P3 my closer stores carries these products.
Saxon Orric
Saxon Orrick
Saxon Orrick
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