February 17, 2016

WWX: Unboxing The 'Two Player Starter Box'

Well this is my first post for a new game my son and I picked up while in Las Vegas for the LVO, 'Wild West Exodus' by Outlaw Miniatures. Funny thing is, they are local company to me...same city. Outlaw Miniatures is actually an offshoot of Battlefoam.
As I mentioned in my LVO recap post, I always loved the Wild West (hence the title of this blog). Legends of the Old West by Warhammer Historicals was going to be my Wild West Skirmish game (since at that time I also enjoyed playing LoTR). Warhammer Historicals closed up shop and I never really did much then with the Old West theme.
Fast forward to present day and we have Wild West Exodus, a mix of the old west with some sci-fi. I am hoping this will fill my void of looking for a new sci-fi game (thought about Gates of Antares) and my void of the old west.
The Two Player Starter Box retails for $110 and includes: 28 miniatures (14x Lawmen, 14x Outlaws), 1 mini rulebook, dice, tokens, templates and cards for your models. You can also download the mini rulebook from the Wild West Exodus website and cards from the Outlaw Miniatures website. An errata is also available from 2015 that does change the rules a bit.
I am actually really impressed by the quality of the miniatures. There is a lot of assemble that needs to be done for each model, legs, arms, heads, weapons (a lot like Warlord Games Bolt Action models), but the fit is very impressive. They make it easy to align the arms, legs, heads and so on with notches and such. The models also come with instructions for each variant pose along with a picture of what part is needed from the sprue. I did notice that were some mistakes in those pictures, but in that case, the actual spruces themselves are numbere for each part. The assembly of the models was very easy.
I spent yesterday evening assembling my new models (13x Lawmen and 13x Outlaws), for now I did not assemble the Lawmen Interceptor or Outlaw Iron Horse. These two models I'll assemble later once we get some games under our belt.
The plan for my son and I is to get another small scale practice game (4-5 models) Friday night, follwed by a larger game (possible all the models, depending on time). With the small scale game we'll be holding the rulebook in our hands while we go through all the rules and learn about some of the special rules. Hopefully by the time we play the second game we'll have a better understanding.
The Outlaw Miniatures website also has a Tournament Packet (very similar to Privateer Press Steamroller) that has some rules on list building and dollar amounts for competitive games. Once we get a few more games in we'll be using this packet to expand our forces to be legal in these events.
I was really impressed with the demo game in Las Vegas and I am hoping the game is really good with more models. I prefer games that only take about 1-2 hours to play, so we'll see how this one turns out.
Stay tuned for a Battle Report this weekend.


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