February 19, 2016

WM: Mercenaries Madelyne Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan (Solo)

There is something about painting Warmachine/Hordes miniatures that I really enjoy about them, especially the Solo's. I think it is because most of the models are unique. When I paint a Solo, each miniature feels like a centerpiece and time can be spent just on that one model. Coming from the 'rank and file' world where I had to paint 30 guys all posed the same way and only got to fight with the front 5, that got boring to paint. Grant it there are Units in Warmachine/Hordes, but usually no greater than 10 models, and those 10 'most' of the time are also unique.
I have been working on a Butcher 3 list as my 2nd list for Master's Tournaments, so the models in that list are probably going to be hitting the painting station first. I'll be throwing in a few other models here and there just to change it up a bit for me so I do not get bored.
So up next we have another Solo for my army. Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan. My light setup is still not ideal and her face actually looks a lot better in person than what the lighting/picture shows here.
Madelyn Corbeau
Madelyn Corbeau
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