February 3, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'LVO 2016 This Weekend'

Well the time has come since I first announced back in September that my son and I will be heading to Las Vegas, NV for the LVO 2016 Warmachine. This weekend marks the big event for the two of us and I am going to have a fun time.
Back in Semptember when I announced that we were attending, I posted a new Khador list that I was going to play...Sorcha 2. Well I finished painting that army last year, but as I stated I seem to always fall back to using Butcher 1. After some playtesting, I decided I was going back to Butcher 1. I seem to enjoy his playstyle and I am more comfortable with him. I also had to cut down the number of models in my list. I realized at 50 points with that many models, I was running out of time on the clock. I am still 'learning' Warmachine since I really do not have much time to get games in, so I figure I better limit my number of models to speed things up a bit. Since I am playing in Saturdays Master Tournament for 'fun', more than likely I'll finish 0-5. But I am really OK with that as long as I have 5 fun games and I can learn something by my losses.
My son and I will be driving out to Las Vegas tomorrow taking our time getting there, and then registration and badge pick up will be at 6:00 PM tomorrow night. Then we'll enjoy the rest of the evening 'Vegas Style'.
Friday we will do some fun open gaming, trying out our lists again and getting some Hordes in also.
Stay tuned for a daily recap of the Las Vegas Open 2016: Warmachine.


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