February 21, 2011

WM: Mercenaries Phinneus Shae (Warcaster)

I know I have been slacking a little bit lately.  It has been two weeks since I last painted a model.  Yesterday I actually sat down and decided to get started on the new Mercenaries that  my son received.  He decided that he wanted to do a themed 'pirate' list around "Captain Phinneus Shae"
As with most armies that I start painting, I have to paint the leader or in this case the 'Warcaster' first.  He is the one leading the rest of the army on the battlefield.  Once I paint the 'Warcaster' then I can move on to the rest of the models.

I am hoping to get the first 15 points painted before my son decides to add on to 25 points.  My backlog is getting bigger and bigger and I a finding less and less time to catch up.

I have two Solo's that are also primed and ready to for this army.  Once they get completed I'll let my son play with the army again for awhile before I start on his Warjacks (I usually do not like to play with a model when it is primed, I do not mind unpainted, just not primed)

Captain Phinneus Shae
Captain Phinneus Shae
Captain Phinneus Shae
Painting Points: 1


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