February 3, 2011

WM: Protectorate Vanquisher (Warjack)

My "Kossite Woodsmen" are starting to feel jealous.  The other day when I 'primed' "Amon Ad-Raza" I also 'primed' my son's "Vanquisher" model for The Protectorate of Menoth.  The "Vanquisher" model was one of the models my son purchased this past weekend at the "Mercenary Market".

I know I should be continuing on with the "Woodsmen" (hopefully this weekend I'll finish them) but the "Vanquisher" was just staring at me and saying "paint me, paint me".  So I obliged.  I was able to get this model started last night and just finished him up.

One more Warjack to paint for Menoth, and the rest then are all Solo's and Units.

Painting Points: 5


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