February 6, 2011

WM: Protectorate Wracks (Solo)

With Super Bowl XLV being played today, I wanted to paint something that would be fast and easy.  What can be any easier or faster than painting some "Wracks" for Protectorate of Menoth.  Base coat, dry brush, wash and voila, finished.  Just in time for the game this evening.
With 'Shattered Grounds' starting tomorrow night and I'll be heading out of town this week to Las Vegas for a little 15th Anniversary 'fun', these will probably be the only models I get to complete this week.  There may be a small chance that I can get another Solo completed, but that is a slim chance.  Most likely I may prep some models Tuesday night so they are ready to be painted when I get back Saturday night.

Here are the "Wracks" for Menoth:

Painting Points: 6


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