February 4, 2011

Daily Chronicle: 2/4/2011

"Kossite Woodsmen"

Besides working on some Protectorate of Menoth models this past week for my son's army, I have also been slowly working on some "Kossite Woodsmen" for my Khador army.  Seeing how each of the models in this Unit is unique, this Unit is taking me a little bit longer to paint.  It is just like painting the equivalent of six Solo models.

So I thought I go ahead and post a 'work in progress' picture of the Unit.

Kossite Woodsmen 'work in progress'
The plan is to continue working on this Unit tomorrow morning and hopefully get them done by the afternoon.  This evening is out of the question since I will be meeting an old friend of mine for some Warhammer 40K gaming (I haven't played in awhile and joked with him that he will have to teach me how to play again).  We'll be dusting off the Tyranid army for this 1750 point match.  If time also allows tonight I will probably get my second game in for our Warmachine League.  I may just do another 15 point Mangled Metal with my son so he can use his new Menoth Warcaster and Warjack.

"New Army Thoughts"

My brain is always churning away thinking about what new army I want to collect and paint next.  I still have the Trollbloods that I started collecting for Hordes (currently at 15 points of models for this army), but I really enjoy Warmachine over Hordes.  For me, Hordes is just a 'second game' for when I want to 'throw down' and try something different.  This is the year of Warmachine for me.

So with that being said, I still need to collect a Cryx and Retribution of Scryah army for Warmachine.  I've always wanted to start a Cryx army (just something about playing evil), but the latest 'No Quarter 34' has peaked my interest with Retribution.  Which one will be next?  Or maybe both! We shall see what I decide when I come back from Las Vegas next week (15th Anniversary).  In any case I always like to start with at least 15 points for the army, but in this case, I may start these at 25 points.  Then eventually they will be built out to at least 35 points.


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