October 26, 2009

W40K: Imperial Guard "TAP"

This past Friday UPS shows up at my door with my The War Store order for my The Army Painter supplies. Looks like I'll be painting for the weekend.

The colors that I had ordered are going to be perfect for our "Desert Theme" we are trying to accomplish for the AdeptiCon W40K Team Tournament. Each team will consist of 1000 points.

I wanted to paint my 1000 points to something that I really liked and that was quick to paint. The rest of my Imperial Guard army will also be matching this theme.

So I opened the box and started to get my models ready.

Step 1: Prime the models.

Step 2: Basecoat the models.

Step 3: Quickshade the models.

Step 4: Matt varnish and finish the bases.

I ended up finishing 2 Veteran Troop Squads this past weekend, with about 2 hours of time per Squad. I am really happy with the results and it will speed up my time to get my army on the gaming table. This is the first time I ever used a "dip" method and I like the results.


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