October 18, 2009

W40K: Wild West Shootout Day 2

Day 2 of the WWS 2009 has now come to the conclusion and I wanted to say that I had a blast this weekend. This is the first time I can say that I had 5 fun games. I hope all my opponent's can say the same.

Well, I did not take the "Murphy's Luck" award for last place, I did manage to get a win in Game #4.

Onto the recaps.

Game 4: vs Brad N (Space Wolves)
This mission was a "top secret" mission and was not published beforehand. When we arrived at our tables we were handed an envelope with our mission. Before opening the envelopes we were told that we are in the Wild West and that this mission would be in that tradition. We then opened our envelops and the mission read, good ole fashion shootout. NO TERRAIN on the tables at all and Victory Points would be used.

Scenario: "Wild West Shootout"

My opponent was a great guy and he was playing an all Drop Pod Space Wolves with the new Codex. First I have never played against an all Drop Pod army before, Second I have not seen the new Codex yet. This was gonna be good. I heard the best defense against an all DP army would be to "castle up". So I did that. The deployment zone was 15", I placed my 3 Troops with their 3 Razorbacks (TLLC) in the corner, my LRC was protecting its flank with my Vet squad in Rhino behind the LRC.

Brad dropped 3 Pods on first turn (the 4th scattered off but will be back later). 2 converted Dreads (looked like robot Wolves.... awesome) dropped in front of my troops. He manged to flame a few and killed some marines. My Razorbacks and Plasmacanons returned fire and I was able to blow off the Close Combat weapons off each of the dreads.

This was a really fun game. I managed to kill quite a few squads, couple of Drop Pods, and Dread and a HQ. Brad managed to kill 2 full troop squads and my squad of Terminators. I ended up winning the game by just over 400 Victory Points (301 was a Win).

First win of the tourney.


Game 5: Jim A (Chaos Space Marines - Nurgle)
Final game of the tournament and I really wanted another fun game. I got to play Jim A, a friend of mine who also used to live in Phoenix and relocated back to Florida around the same time I left back to Chicago. Now that my chances for last place were gone, I joked with him and said no holds bar, I'm going out shooting......

We finally got to play an object based game. 5 objectives with one of them in the center of the table. Control more objectives than your opponent and you win.

Scenario: "When All Is Lost"

Deployment was 12" Pitched Battle with 7 turns and Jim got to go first. This was a really tough game that came down to the wire. My LRC with Terminators went up across the board and dismantled a unit of Marines and held onto one Objective. The LRC then pick up a 5 man unit of Troops and proceeded to the center Objective but became Immobilized 5" away. The rest of my army was trying to hold onto a third Objective.

Came down to bottom of Turn 7. Jim has 2 Objectives. My 5 man combat squad jumped out of the LRC and contested the center Objective. The Objective that was in my deployment zone was being contested, but I still had the one that Terminators controlled. Last chance..... Jim has 2 Marines sitting on 1 objective........Plasmacanon fires.....does not get hot.........scatters 8" off target.... game over. Jim controlled 2 Objectives, I had 1 Objective and we contested the other 2. Great game.


Well thats it for my gaming weekend. I want to thank Battlefoam and Empire Games for this weekend, it was a blast.

Now its time to put the 40K armies back on the shelf for abit and get back into Fantasy.


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