October 8, 2009

WFB: Play-test Core Comp List

Last night I got to play-test my Dwarf Core Comp list against my good friend Chris W. As always Chris gave me a good beat down. But it was good time. I do not mind losing anymore. A few years ago I changed my mentality of wargaming and I just play for fun, win or lose. It is all about throwing dice with your good buddies.

Chris was also play-testing his Core Comp list. He decided to play with his Lizardmen army (he has just about every army to choose from). It looked like a nice solid list and one to have fun playing with.

After the game, I decided I am going too tweak my list just a little bit. I am going to drop the second Bolt Thrower and second Runesmith, and add a Canon and Master Engineer. What Dwarf army does not have a Canon? Not that I do not like the Bolt Thrower, I just feel having a Canon would also be fun to play with.

So I just started to build the Canon and hopefully tonight I'll be able to prime it and start painting it. I'm glad to be going to Phoenix next week, but it really is going to cut down on my painting time. When I get back, I will really have to crack down and get all the Crew and Miners painted.

Dwarf Canon: Copyright Games-Workshop


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