October 21, 2009

The Army Painter: Part 2

So yesterday afternoon I decided to place my order with The War Store for some "The Army Painter" supplies so I can finally start working on my Imperial Guard. Once the "Brown Fur" primer is available I will also order that for my new Skaven Army.

I ended up ordering the "Desert Yellow" Primer, "Strong Tone" Quick Shade, and "Anti Shine" Matte Varnish. As soon as it comes in I'll be priming the Imperial Guard troops.

1000 points of my Imperial Guard army will also be used in the 4-man 40K Team Tournament at AdeptiCon 2010. Our theme color is desert based. So I think the "Desert Yellow" will make a great basecoat and I am going to use "Calthan Brown" from the GW Foundation line for all the armor.

Hopefully my order will arrive before the weekend so I can give it a try, if not stay tuned next week for an update.


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