November 2, 2009

November's Plate

So what's on the plate for the month of November.

Imperial Guard
I am still working on my Imperial Guard army. Using "TAP" has been great and all my Troops are done for my ACON 40K TT list. I finished building 4 Chimera Transports for the list this past weekend, and I still have a Hellhound and Executioner to purchase/complete for the list. I will also continue painting up the rest of my IG to complete out my 1750 list. With one of the extra Vet Squads for my TT list, I'll actually enough done for possibly an 1850 list.

1750 points are done for the Salamanders. I recently acquired a third Razorback for "Squad 3" so I'll be putting that together this month to give me a few more options for my son. I still have plenty of Space Marine vehicles that can be put together for my son's army, just not enough time.

Well next Saturday is the release of the new Skaven army book. I will be picking up the book for sure, but my desire for a Skaven army may have to wait till the new year. I may pick up a new box here and there to slowly start to collect the army.

My war machine crew are now done for the Dwarfs. I still have a unit of Miners I want to get done by 11/15. If that does not happen, I will fill out a unit 15 GW Dwarfs to 25. They are already done, just the bases have to be redone.

Wood Elves
This is my son's Fantasy army. They are done, but most of the models are previous edition. We are slowly replacing them with new models. My next order with "The War Store" I'll be adding some of the Green Primer. I decided that I will be dipping these to get them done sooner.

Dark Elves
Wont be touching these this month. We'll see about December.

Not too much for November....... Lets hope I can get the above done.


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