October 16, 2009

W40K: Wild West Shootout 2009

Well yesterday afternoon I boarded the plane and headed back 'home' to Phoenix (yes I'm calling Phoenix home, I really love it here..... maybe in the future we might be back) for the W40K Wild West Shootout 2009 presented by Battlefoam.

I was deciding between 2 different armies to bring. My good 'ole' trustworthy Dark Angels that I have been playing for 6 years or my sons new Salamanders army that I had finished this year. The paint scheme is nice on both of them, but the Dark Angels have some weathering effects on their vehicles. I decided I was going to pack my army in the suitcase to save from carrying on another item. So with that in mind, I really did not want to have any of my son's army break on me while traveling, so I opted for my Dark Angels. They looked to have arrived safely, but I will double check on them later today just to make sure nothing broke off.

The Wild West Shootout will be a 2 day 1750 pt W40K Indy GT held at Empire Games in Mesa, AZ starting early tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with old friends again. Thats really the only reason I came down for this event. Meet with friends, and spend a weekend with my parents. The gaming will be secondhand. I know I am not going to win (I do not play to win anymore, just for fun) so I'm just looking for a good time. I'm hoping my good friend Tim will be able to come over on Sunday so we can chit-chat for a little. With having to miss out on GitD 2010 coming in February, I hope I can meet up with him.

Tonight Empire Games is going to have a Mercenary Market (allows players to sell some of their models to others for store credit) so I plan on swinging by to see if their is anything interesting.

Well, this will probably be my last W40K tourney until AdeptiCon. The Fantasy bug has really bitten me pretty hard the last couple of weeks so I am really excited about Fantasy again.

Stay tuned for a Saturday night recap of WWS2009.


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