October 18, 2009

W40K: Wild West Shootout Day 1

Well Day 1 of the Wild West Shootout 2009 is in the books and I am not one to write up great battle reports, but here is a quick recap of my first three games.

Game 1: vs. Chris A (Chaos Space Marines)
Chris is a good friend of mine from when I lived there in Phoenix. It was really nice to be able to start off the tournament against a friend. He was playing a new army that he had just finished and it looked awesome. The scenario was a variation of Annihilation with modified Kill Points and the game would last 6 Turns.

Scenario: "Lost to the Warp"

This game was close until the final 2 Turns. Once the Chaos Marines hit my lines, it was over.
Final KP's: Chris 15, Dean 9. So we start the tournament with a Loss. But that is OK with me. It was a fun game.


Game 2: vs. Zack (Chaos Space Marines)
This mission was a variation of Capture and Control in which you had to carry the objective off the board via your enemies deployment zone.

Scenario: "Downed Pilot"

The deployment zone was 18" (yes 18") which is needed to get the objective off the board, but it really made the game a close combat type of game. The objective was in the center of the board and we had these 2 large ruins surrounding it on both sides. So there really was 2 ways to get out of the "ruined village". Zach setup a defensive line on his side, and I did the same on my side. For the most part the objective stayed in the middle of the board while I was shooting up units and Daemon Prince's that were trying to hold it. By Turn 5 we realized that the game would be a Draw, but we had to finish the final two turns and calculate Victory Points. Victory Point are being used in the Tournament just for overall tie-breakers in the standings.

So another fun game and a Draw for me.


Game 3: vs. Dave T (Chaos Imperial Guard)
This was the game I was waiting for. I finally got to play a game against "Mr. Dave Taylor". Dave is great guy who actually used to work for Games Workshop and is now currently employed with Wargames Illustrated. Dave invited me to the last Vegas GT in 2008 to help run LotR and here is where we actually got to sit and chit-chat for awhile. So playing him now I knew was going to be fun. Dave has been working on his custom Chaos Imperial Guard with all scratch built vehicles. It was a sharp looking army. So onto the game.

This mission was strictly a Victory Points games with a bonus of 250 VP's for holding Table Quarters. The game would be 7 turns and the first 3 turns were night fighting.

Scenario: "Night Assault"

So with 2 sit back and shoot armies and 3 turns of night fighting, this was gonna be pretty quick first half.

Well Dave got first turn and did not waste it one bit. First shot of the game, decides to check and see if he can my Land Raider Crusader drops a Battle Canon shot on top of my LRC (which is the transport for my Terminators), hits right, rolls and penetrates, and then........... immobilized. That was good enough for Dave. VP's would have been nice, but now he knew my Termies would have to foot slog it across the board.

The dice were not with me all game and were with Dave. My Termies did eventually hit his lines and got to destroy some units, but not enough. The rest of my army could not do anything. Dave manged to kill 1025 points plus a bonus 250 for a table quarter, and I managed a measly 400 points. This didnt matter, it was a blast. I hope Dave had as much fun as I did.

Another Loss, but a good Loss.


So I have 2 Losses and 1 Draw for the day. The award for last place is looking pretty good right about now.

Now to get ready for the final 2 games.


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