April 20, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #16

Well week #16 wasn't superb, but it was an average week for me.  In the gaming side of the hobby, it was a little weak, we only played one game of X-Wing on Saturday and I got to test me new ships for the Separatist Alliance, I still need some practice with the 'Sith Infiltrator' as the Separatists lost by 29 points.

Sunday was suppose to be a game of Warhammer 40,000 but opponent must have missed is wake up call so I spent the day on/off getting some painting done on some 'Terminators' for my Imperial Fists, hopefully they will be completed for this week.

Painting wise, earlier in the week I did finish some 'Termagants' for my Tyranids and then as mentioned just above some work for my Imperial Fists.

My real work schedule has not changed (thankfully) so it s not like I have a lot of extra time to game and paint, so it is my usual schedule of a little bit each week.  It has been two weekends now without a game of Warhammer 40,000, so I think this Saturday that will take priority and we'll see what happens for Sunday.

Models Completed: 5
Games Played: 1


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