April 14, 2020

Daily Chronicle: X-Wing Goodies Arrived 04/14/2020 (Separatist/Empire)

This past weekend the urge to get in some X-Wing games hit me, so on Sunday I had to place an order on Amazon (with my birthday gift card my that wife had gotten me),

I wanted to expand our Galactic Empire so I added a TIE/sk Striker and a TIE Reaper.  The TIE Reaper is still packaged as first edition, but it does include the second edition components.

Since the Separatist Alliance was released over a year ago, I had also been debating adding them to our collection, but never did.  With my son playing a game of Republic the other day, I thought adding the Separatist now would be a good time (plus I am finally now watching Star Wars Clone Wars on Disney+).

To start off with, I added to my order the Servants of Strife Squadron Pack, 3 more Vulture-class Droids and a Sith Infiltrator.  That should be enough to keep me busy with them for awhile.

In January, Fantasy Flight Games released an expansion pack with new pilots and upgrades called Hotshots and Aces, so I also decided to add one of these to have a little bit more variety with the ships we already own.

Now we have to spend the evening organizing all of these so I can go ahead and give Darth Maul a try.


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