August 19, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #33

Week #33 for the year was a little slow on the painting front (2 models) and average for gaming (2 games).

Real work has been busy this month so painting has slowed just a bit, but I still managed to get 2 models completed for Batman Miniature Game, 'The Merciless', and 'The Red Death'.  I think once I get back from NOVA Open in two weeks, I will take a look at what we have fr BMG and work on my Painting Queue for them and prioritize what I want to paint.  I still have a mix of Guild Ball models I would like to get completed so those will be done in between to break up the repetition of painting BMG.

For gaming this past week, we got in another practice game of X-Wing to get ready for NOVA Open (and I am STILL undecided on my list that I am playing).  The last 2 lists I tried both netted me a victory.  Now it is a matter do I want to play Rebels or Scum.

Yesterday afternoon we also finally gotten in a practice game of Guild Ball, it has been awhile since we last played (early July) and we were going to get in a game last weekend, but then we wanted to wait for the errata to drop.

I decided to play the Cook's Guild for the very first time and went with the "Hell's Kitchen" boxed set lineup, the new errata changes for the Cook's look really good and I was hoping maybe they would save me some time on the clock.  I did manage to get the victory 12-7, but my clock still went into my allotted extra 5:00 minutes and it was getting close.  I have a fun lineup I want to try next with my Butcher's Guild (hopefully speed up the clock), and then I need to decide what Guild I will be bringing to NOVA.  I think in the mean time though, I will paint up the remaining 2 Cook's (Butcher players) to complete my Cook's Guild at 8 models (just in case I decide to play them),

Hunter's vs Cook's

Games Played: 2
Models Completed: 2


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