August 3, 2019

Guild Ball: First Wave Of FCD Rookies Arrived!

I am shocked! Yesterday afternoon I received a package from Steamforged Games and my Free Cities Draft Rookies had arrived.  I had walked to the mailbox hoping to receive a package from Knight Models for some missing bases, I opened the mailbox and saw an International package and thought perfect timing, I turn the box over and its says SFG.

The first wave of the Free Cities Draft Rookies went on sale last Friday morning (7/26), I was actually on the road driving for vacation and had ordered them when I pulled over.  This past Monday I received an email that my order had shipped, and like I mentioned above, they arrived yesterday.

My son and I quickly took them downstairs to the mancave and opened the box to check out the quality of the new resin.  I am impressed, as other have mentioned already, the new quality of the resin in excellent, it is almost like the resin is PVC plastic (much better than the last batch of new Captains that came out).

This morning I cleaned up and assembled 'Layne' and 'Edge' so I can get them ready to hit the painting table.  These two models will be next in queue so we can have them for the NOVA Open at the end f the month.


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