August 7, 2019

Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild 'Layne'

Today is the day I have been waiting for, another Striker for my Butcher's Guild with 'Layne'.  As much as I love doing Taken Outs, I also do like to score Goals, and to change it up a bit, I think for fun I will try a scoring team, it may not be as competitive, but to have two scoring players with 'Brisket' and 'Layne', it may be a fun game, still may need to play 'Cinnamon' if I elect to play 'Veteran Boar' as my Captain.

Now that completes the models needed for playing in this year's NOVA Open at the end of the month.  With only playing X-Wing (pre-painted miniatures) and Guild Ball, we are now all set.  All that is left is to get in some practice games of Guild Ball once the new errata drops on August 12th (I know it will be a busy night for me getting all the new cards ready for printing).



Painting Points: 1


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