August 26, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #34 (Week of NOVA Open 2019)

Post #285 for 2019, what does that mean? In the 10 years I have been writing this blog, 285 posts in one year sets a new record for me (last year was 284, previously it was tough to hit 200).  There may not be that mean blog readers anymore, but for me, the blog keeps me motivated in the hobby and a good diary of the models/games I have completed and played.  With 4 full months left in the year, there is plenty more reading to come.

First, lets start off with our quick usual weekly recap, this past week was not the greatest, but at least items did get completed and a game was played.  I managed to complete my Limited Edition 'Shank' and 'Tenderiser' for my Butcher's Guild which can be played for the Cook's Guild, and we did manage to get in a practice game of Guild Ball of Friday night (which I lost to the clock to again).  I was hoping for another practice game yesterday, but that did not happen and I will have to use Thursday at NOVA Open as my practice day.

On the drive to DC and back, I will also be working on what will be hitting my Painting Queue next, I still have a lot of Batman Miniature Game models to be completed (and we will be getting more games of BMG in also to prep for the Renegade Open) and probably will occasionally through in a Guild Ball model here and there to change it up a little bit.

That leaves me to the title of this post, starting this Thursday through Sunday, it is the week of NOVA Open 2019 out in the Washington DC area and my son and I will be attending for our second straight year.

Originally our plan was to leave early Thursday morning and use Thursday as a travel day and relax when we get in around 3:00 PM until the Steamforged Games Studio Spotlight at 8:30 PM, Friday was/is the X-Wing Grand Championships, Saturday was/is the Guild Ball Regional Cup and Sunday was our travel day home with a stop at the National Archives Museum first before heading home.

Well there is a slight little change to that schedule.  Friday - Sunday are all staying the same, but we will be leaving late Wednesday night instead, around 11:00 PM and arrive at the convention around 11:00 AM for check-in.  We are then going to be playing in the smaller Thursday Guild Ball Regional Cup which Kicks-Off at 12:00 PM.  Currently there are not too many players signed up, so it will be a 2-3 round event, which getting in 2 games would be great for practice.  We will be tired after the long drive, but it should still be a fun time.  We can play our 2 games, get a bite to eat for dinner, then relax the rest of the evening.

I am trying to earn the Butcher's Badge on Longshanks (30 games played with same Guild in one year) and my son the Hunter's Badge, and we need 10/11 games by November to earn these.  With adding the 2 games on Thursday, we should then accomplish this when we play at the East Coast US Nationals in October.  Once I earn the Butcher's badge, I will then look at playing another Guild for awhile, or multiple Guilds.

I am not sure if I will have time to do a daily recap of NOVA Open this year, if not stay tuned next week then for a NOVA Open recap.

Games Played: 1
Models Completed: 2


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