August 14, 2019

BMG: The Merciless (Bruce Wayne) [Unknown]

Well I did manage to get a model painted this week (not sure if there will be more, but we'll see).  On Monday afternoon one of my shipments arrived of more BMG models, yes more!  In this shipment was a blister of the "Dark Knights", I especially wanted this pack for 'Merciless', so of course I had to open the pack up and get to work on this model.  I was cautious on how I wanted his blue metal armor and had some ideas in my head, and after several test colors on my test model, I came up with a solution.  I decided to mix blue with silver metallic and then do a blue wash.  I am actually quite happy on how he turned out.  One thing to note is the base, Knight Models shipped me all 30mm bases and this model is supposed to be on a 40mm, so I had to dig out one of my spare WM/H bases.  It will be interesting to try out this model with the possibility of doing 12 blood.

 The Merciless

The Merciless

Painting Points: 2


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