August 2, 2019

Daily Chronicle: "Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniature Game" Announced

There is a new player in town, this past Wednesday night at GenCon during the Fantasy Flight Games announcements, they brought up Will Schick to the stage.  Will Schick used to work for Privateer Press last year along with Will Pagani and Dallas Kemp, they all left Privateer Press at the same time and we found out why.  Atomic Mass Games was born from the three of them and on Wednesday night they announced their new game which will be part of the Asmodee Games umbrella.

When I first watched the video announcement I was a little excited to be honest, but a part of me was still 50/50 on this game.  Just earlier in the day my son and I had a discussion on what games we wanted to keep on playing going into 2020, seeing how I still had games I purchased at AdeptiCon they we have barely touched or not touched at all.  We were both on the same page with BMG, Guild Ball, X-Wing and the occasional Arena Rex with the one off of Warmachine/Hordes and Aristei! and now with the upcoming release of the DCU rulebook (since we have a lot of the models from BMG).  We actually started getting excited for the DCU game as a beer and pretzel game and nothing competitive.

When Atomic Mass Games started to show off the models, the interest peeked even more, maybe 60/40 in favor of the game.

Finding time for "another" game system is tough plus learning/memorizing the rules of the game.  They also mentioned that when the game first launches, it will be geared more towards friendly games and not competitive games, they did mention that some time late next year they will announce a competitive format.

So now the interest is still sitting at around 60/40 in favor until I started seeing leaks of the rulebook floating around the web yesterday and my interest took a sharp dive to about 10/90.  Being part of the Asmodee family, the game is similar to Legion with special dice, special movement sticks and upgrade cards (which are a pain to organize).

Here are a few pics of the rulebook explaining that.

I also came across a section of the rulebook that talks about your Roster containing 10 models and thought that is a fairly large skirmish game for me (I prefer 6-9), but further reading, I learned that the 10 models is your roster, and from those models and depending on the Mission, you build a crew based on what the Threat Level is for the Mission, so that does bring the number of models back down.

Rumor is the starter set will be around $100 and is tempting, I think as of now my interest is sitting at 20/80.  If this game is going to be hitting our household, something is going to have to give, we do not play that much as it is (maybe 1-2 games a week, usually 1) and we have so much invested in the other games already.  The game is not being sold at GenCon, so we still have a little bit of time to decide on what we are going to do.

I am looking forward though in seeing the models in person this coming Sunday.


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