August 21, 2019

Guild Ball: Cook's Guild Limited Edition 'Tenderiser'

The last model of my Cook's Guild is officially complete.  As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend got me the urge to try the Guild out for the first time and finish my last two models.

I am sill undecided if I will switch to them for the NOVA Open (instead of my Butcher's Guild) but I will make that decision this weekend after I get to try out my new Rookie for the Butcher's, 'Layne'.  Part of me wants to earn the BUtcher's Guild badge on Longshanks (20 consecutive tournament games with the same Guild) and I am still needing 10 games.  So I am stuck in between, part of me wants to play the new Guild, part of me wants to earn the badge.  More than likely I will play the Butcher's and hopefully get my Badge by November.

Anyways, the final model for my Cook's, Guild  is their Goalkeeper, Limited Edition 'Tenderiser' model.



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