August 15, 2019

Daily Chronicle: 2 Weeks Until "NOVA Open 2019"

NOVA Open 2019 is only 2 weeks away and the only practice we have gotten in recently was for X-Wing, and I am still undecided on my list.  Back when I first announced NOVA Open 2019 in January, our thought was to play Bolt Action and Middle-earth SBG.  We have not played a game of MeSBG since last year and Bolt Action never made their schedule of events.

Last year we went and played Warmachine/Hordes all weekend, seeing how we have not played that game much (at all this year), we had signed up for this years NOVA to play Guild Ball and X-Wing.  At least with Guild Ball we started the year off really strong and attended events for the first four months of the year, and now with the recent errata release on Monday, the excitement is coming back.  X-Wing 2.0 came out late last year and we have been occasionally playing that game to keep the rules fresh (nearing on 20 games for the year) so we thought that would be a fun event to play.

So our schedule for NOVA Open weekend is:

Thursday Evening: Steamforged Keynote
Friday: X-Wing Grand Championships
Saturday: Guild Ball Regional Cup

Now we actually have to get in some practice games of Guild Ball over the next 2 weeks and finalize my list for X-Wing.


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