August 12, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #32

So Week #32 was another average week for me regarding painting and gaming.  5 models were completed last week (2 for Guild Ball and 3 for Batman Miniature Game) and I was able to get in 2 more practice games of X-Wing for the upcoming NOVA Open.

I played a X-Wing list that was really happy with last night, but I think I have 1 more list that I would like to try out before I make any decisions.  If I do not get a chance tonight (more than likely not with next section of news) then hopefully this Thursday night.

That now leaves with the big news coming from Steamforged Games later today regarding the new errata for Guild Ball coming out.  More than likely I will be spending my evening getting all the cards ready for printing, and from the SFG blog post, it sounds like there will be a lot of changes.

Once those changes get released, my son and I will need to get a few practice games of GB also before we leave for NOVA, it has been awhile since we last played and need to get refreshed again.

I am not sure how much painting will get done this week, I am expecting and order to arrive today for BMG ad then I will evaluate everything and see what kind of queue I want to work on, may be just spending the week getting some models prepped.

Games Played: 2
Models Completed: 5


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