June 14, 2018

Daily Chronicle: 2018 2nd Quarter Painting Queue Update

I kind of expected going into the 2nd quarter this year that my modeling/painting would slow down, but I honestly did not expect it to basically come to a halt.  I knew that at the end of May I would be going back down to Arizona for a few days, and that is all that I had planned.  Well 2 bathroom remodels, a trip to Arizona, and now 2 new puppies has placed a halt on my 2nd quarter.

I decided today that instead of having 1 Painting Queue to act as my queue and backlog, that I would create a separate page for my actual Painting Queue Backlog and then move models from there to my actual Painting Queue   My original Painting Queue was getting a little hard to manage, by having the separate page I can move a few models a little at a time and keep it a bit more realistic.

I did manage to get a few models assembled from my new queue.  I have a Unit of Khador ‘Battle Mechaniks’ and 2 Khador ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks that are almost ready to be primed.  My plan is to have these model ready for the NOVA Open and I may want to get in a practice game with them next week before I start to prime them.  I think for the first time I may break out my airbrush for the Warjacks so I can basecoat the red them.  I have never used it on my Warmachine/Hordes models (only Bolt Action Tanks) but I think it should not be an issue, then I just have to pick out a few details and the Pig Iron metals.

Battle Mechaniks and Kodiaks.

New puppies for the family.


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