June 18, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #24

Once again another week has passed and not too much was accomplished.  At least I did actually build a few Khador ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks last week and I know it will still be a few weeks before I get any paint on them.  I have 72 days before NOVA Open starts, so that is my goal for my 7 models I need to complete.  7 models in 72 days should be easy, but life always gets in the way (especially with new puppies).  I am hoping once I get into my 3rd quarter for my painting queue I can kick up the production like I did in the 1st quarter (maybe not to that extreme, but better than 2nd quarter).  The puppies are getting better at being housebroken, so hopefully my modeling time will come back.

I know the lists that I am planning on playing at this years NOVA Open are not that competitive, but they may be fast for me to play.  The ‘death clock’ still has a tendency to beat me.  I have no problem losing a match to my opponent either by assassination or scenario, but I really hate to lose when I beat myself with the clock.  So my plan is to try and with fewer models so I can complete my turns faster.

So last week for me was no models completed, nor any games played (we did drive out to my friends house and my son got in a 75pt game while I watched).  This week I am hoping to get in some smaller games of Speedmachine (15pts)  and maybe a practice game of Breakfastmachine (50pts).

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 0


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