June 7, 2018

WM: Khador Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot Arrived

This past weekend my Khador ‘Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot’ arrived from Black Anchor Heavy Industries (Privateer Press), and I was so busy putting our main bathroom back together that I forgot I received the package till yesterday afternoon.  Once I remembered about it, I had to open it and take a few pictures and I wanted to check out the BAHI truckers hats that came with it.

The flashing on the resin is not too bad, looks like it will be pretty easy to clean up, but one of the horses legs was broken.  Looks to be a clean break and should heal pretty good, does not look like I will have to put that horse down.

I do not remember when I assembled my ‘Dracodile’ from BAHI if it came with assembly instructions, but the ‘Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot’ does not come with any (wish that it did).  I did do a dry fit of some of the pieces and it does not look like it will be too hard to put together.  The two gun options also look like they can be easily swapped out (even without magnets) which is a nice option.

I am actually going to play a 50 point game tonight with my son and proxy base this model too see how it plays.  Currently there is no Theme for this model, so we’ll see how the game goes.


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