June 8, 2018

Battle Report: Warmachine 6/7/2018 Khador vs Circle (50 Points)

It has been some time since my last game of Warmachine/Hordes but last night my son and I finally got to get a game in downstairs in the man cave.  To keep things a little quicker we played only 50 points and I wanted to proxy in my new ‘Assault Chariot’ that had just arrived.

I elected to play ‘Vlad 1’ (I am really liking his spell “Signs & Portents” which for a bad player, it really helps out) and my son played ‘Kromac 1’ which is a change from playing ‘Kromac 2’ most of the time.

I went first and tried to quickly move my army up the table, especially with the ‘Assault Chariot’, I really wanted to see what kind of damage this model can do.  Turn 2 I was outside of charge range, so the ‘Assault Chariot’ advanced towards his ‘Tharn Ravagers’ and laid down some fire.  The ‘Assault Chariot’ was able to get 4 shots, and only 1 was not a direct hit (with S&P).  The ‘Assault Chariot’ managed to do quite a bit of damage leaving only 2 models with just a few boxes left, my ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’ were able to finish off the Unit.  My 2 Warjacks advanced forward but were too far for any charges.

I did end up losing the ‘Assault Chariot’ from multiple attacks from his Warbeasts, so I think the trade off with his Unit and my Chariot were even.  My problem now was a huge forest protecting his Warbeast from my charging Warjacks.

At this point my son had actually clocked out and I was really close with less than 2 minutes on my clock.  We decided to play out the next turn.

I ended up getting my ‘WGRC’ around the flank and got shots off on ‘Kromac 1’, with once again “S&P” which then Assassinated ‘Kromac 1’.

Control Point wise it was pretty close through out the Rounds with me leading by 1-2.

Scenario: Standoff


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