February 18, 2017

Hordes: Minions Lanyssa Ryssyl (Solo)

Since the release of MKIII, more and more Minion players are playing with the Solo 'Lanyss Ryssyl'.  I am not always up to date with the latest 'metas' of the game, but I believe it has to do with her 'Hunter's Mark', allowing friendly models to Charge or make Slam Power Attacks without being Forced or spending Focus on the target she 'marked', plus they also gain +2" Movement.

When I visited my son a few weeks for the LVO, I was able to bring back with me my Minion army.  While we were gathering my models to take back with me, he mention that he had a Lanyssa model that he was not using or had any plans to use.  So instead of spending more money, I asked if I could have her.

Today was suppose to be reserved to finish my sons 76mm Sherman for his US Army, but I am waiting on some decals.  So instead of having some down time, I decided to paint up Lanyssa.  (I have noticed with this can of dull coat, it seems to make my models a bit more dull than usual, oh well).

Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress

 Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress

Painting Points: 1


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