February 8, 2017

Guild Ball: Getting Started With Engineer's

As I mentioned the other day in my recap of the Las Vegas Open, I decided to get into the game of Guild Ball. I was looking for a "beer & pretzel" third game for me. Bolt Action is my favorite game to play for the ease of the rules and the history of WW2. Warmachine/Hordes, well I have a lot of models for this game, and honestly I do love the sculpts from Privateer Press, especially with the Hordes models (though I prefer the gameplay of Warmachine). Plus with WM/H, there seems to be more gaming in my area for this game. So Guild Ball will be used to fill in any time in between. This past summer there seemed to be a pretty decent local group that played the game, I am just hoping that the game is still going. Otherwise the state itself has a good Guild Ball turnout.

My original plan was to start playing with the Brewer's Guild (why not, it's a beer & pretzel game for me) and I liked the way models look for this Guild. But after speaking with the Steamforged Games folks at the LVO about the styles of gameplay for each Guild, I wanted a Guild that can score a little bit more. The Brewer's Guild is know to bash the other team.

I decided to go with the Engineer's Guild. They are a pretty versatile Guild and has plenty of potential to score a lot of goals.

Here is a list of models that the folks at Steamforged booth recommended for to get started with.

Engineer's Guild Starter Set:
Captain: Ballista
Winger: Salvo
Striker: Velocity

Additional Models:
Captain: Pin Vice
Mascot: Mainspring
Central Midfielder: Colossus
Attacking Midfielder: Hoist
Defensive Midfielder: Ratchet

Guild Ball Engineers

They recommended the second Captain Pin Vice who is a bit more aggresive so I can use her against matchups that are high scoring like the Fisherman's Guild.

While I was the LVO I did watch plenty of games, took part in a very short demo game, and also spoke to some of the players. Two of the player's I spoke with are actually also here from Michigan (although from the other side of the state), but one of them also plays the Engineer's Guild with the models that I had purchased. So he gave me plenty of insight on the playstyle of my new Guild.

Now the question that remains is, when will these models hit the painting table (besides for the photo op above). I have PLENTY of Bolt Action models that need to be completed. Just before I left for the LVO, my sprues arrived for my British Infantry, so I need to start painting those this weekend. I would like to also add another Wrastler to my Hordes Minion army, and I have a lot of Airborne (both British and American to paint for AdeptiCon 2018.). I will probably start painting these guys in between painting my Bolt Action (when I get tired of painting a lot of browns on my Infantry) I'll throw one or two of these guys on the table.


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