February 15, 2017

Hordes: Minions Blackhide Wrastler 2 (Warbeast)

Back in late 2015 I painted the original sculpt for Blackhide Wraster.  This past Summer they re-sculpted the model with the options of either assembling Blindwalker or Blackhide Wrastler.  When my oldest son originally purchased the model for me on Father's Day, I elected to assemble that model as Blindwalker (since I already had an older Blackhide Wrastler).  I am usually not the one who likes to lay with two different sculpts of the same model, but my thinking has recently changed.  Now I honestly think it is kind of cool to see both sculpts on the battlefield, and you can easily identify which is which.

Since the release of MK3, a lot of the Minion players have been playing with a double Wrastler list and since this is the army I brought back with me last weekend from Arizona to Michigan, I thought it was time to add another Blackhide Wrastler to my army.  I picked this guy up (along with some other models ) at a local game store in South Bend, IN this past Friday night and got him assembled on Sunday (while I was wrapping up my British Infantry). Monday night he saw the painting table and I was able to finish him up last night.

I wanted to get him painted just to give me a change from painting Bolt Action.  I have A LOT of Bolt Action to paint this year, and it is a nice change to throw in a Warmachine or Hordes model every now and then (and I really do love Privateer Press Hordes models).  Even though I do not get to play much WM/H games, the models are a joy to paint.

Blackhide Wrastler 

Blackhide Wrastler 

Blackhide Wrastler 

Blackhide Wrastle

Painting Points: 5


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