February 28, 2017

Battle Report: Hordes 2/27/2017 Minions vs Trollbloods (50 Points)

Last night I headed out east again to Kalamazoo to meet TJ at Odyssey Games for another game of Hordes.  I met TJ the previous day on Sunday, but we did not get a game in so we schedule one for Monday night.  Even though the store is 41 miles away, it only takes me about 40 minutes to get to since it is all interstate driving for me.  I am just going to have to watch my number of miles driven on my new leased car.  We were planning on getting a game at his house, but a last minute change we decided on the store.  TJ wanted to place an order for his Trollbloods.  While I was there, I also picked up some tokens for Fire damage and such (since on Sunday I realized I had no Fire tokens).

Since I am still getting a feel for Hordes (I am used to the Warmachine playstyle) and learning what my Minions can do, we elected for another 50 point game.  I was using the same list I played on Sunday.  The more times I can play with those models, hopefully the better I can learn how they play.

I setup the gaming mat and terrain and TJ rolled for the scenario.  We were going to be playing 'The Pit' from SR2016.


I (Minions) ended up losing 5-1.  At least Rask stayed alive and was able to secure a point for me.  I still made some mistakes.  Forgetting to use his Feat  on my first turn (to prevent all the shooting damage I took in Turn 2), and sending my Croak Raiders around the forest terrain which took a lot of time.  I managed to kill some of his warrior models and a lot of damage on his Bomber beasts, but not enough to kill him.  The shooting he had from his Warcaster and the Bombers were incredible.  When his Warcaster hits with shooting, it causes a Knockdown, which them made it easier for his Bombers to hit.  I was contesting the Pit for quite awhile, then he managed to kill my second Wrastler and cleared out my remaining Posse in the Pit.  So a loss to the Minions.

Using my Feat would have helped.  But I though my Veil of Mists could have protected my Wrastlers, but some of the base was still visible.  If I could have kept them protected, I could have gotten charges in on his Bombers on Turn 2 and the outcome may have been different.

Just need more practice.

TJ's Trollbloods 

 My Minions

 Final Outcome (Rask at bottom left securing my Flag)


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