February 23, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Infantry Section 2'

This week I continued working on my Brtish Army.  For now I will have 4 Units of Infantry Sections, with one of them being completed last week and now the second one being completed last night.

Like I mentioned with the first Infantry Section  I modeled these Units with 11 men (max for a Unit is 10).  I wanted to have an extra SMG weapon in case I use them as Late War Veterans.
After I finished with these guys, I decided I wanted to find out how many points I have completed for the British.  With just using a Morale as 'Regular', I have 985 points completed.  This is spread across 2 Platoons at the moment (since a lot of Units are classfied as 0-1).  I think once I get around to completing all the vehicles I have for this Army, I am guessing it may be over 3000 points of British.

 Great Britain: Infantry Section 02

 Great Britain: Infantry Section 02

Painting Points: 11


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