February 17, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Lieutenant 1 & 2'

After I finished painting up my Blackhide Wrastler model for Hordes the other night, I had a little time to spare before the weekend arrived when I will start to work on my son's US 76mm Sherman Tank.

I did not want to get deep involved in a full 11 man Infantry Section for my British, so I thought I'd get to the Lieutenant Teams I have.  I already painted an Officer Team last month for my British Army, but that was the metal Command models and they were not armed the way I would like my Team to be.  Since I had some extra men from my Warlord sprues, I put together two Lt. Teams armed with SMG's.  I decided to build two Teams in case I decide to run two platoons in the future.  More and more events are now allowing 1 or 2 Platoons in the Tournaments.

Basically these two Teams were painted like twins.  I did 'mark' them with the static grass I used.  1 stripe for Team 1 and 2 stripes for Team 2.

Lieutenant Team 1 

 Lieutenant Team 2

 Lieutenant Teams 1 & 2

Painting Points: 4

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