February 27, 2017

Daily Chronicle: Weekend Roundup 2/24-26/2017

Since nothing was actually completed this past weekend, I thought I'd do a recap of the progress for the some of the projects I am working on. 

On Friday night I was able to mostly finish my sons US 76mm Sherman Tank for his United States Bolt Action Army.  He was hoping I was going to conplete it in time for this years AdeptiCon (at the end of March).  Well it's all completed minus the decals.  I realized last weekend that I did not have any of my decals with me, so I had to do a quick order for some.  They should be arriving today.  The plan is to get them on tonight, let them cure for a day, then I'll dullcote the tank and snap some pics.

Saturday saw me do a little paint room house cleaning and some prep work on some models.  First was the house cleaning.  When I was in Arizona a few weeks ago, I brought back all my P3 paints with me, but I was not able to bring with me the nice paint rack I had purchased for them last year.  So I had ordered a new MDF one from Gamecraft Miniatures (like the one I use for my Valejo paints) and some 5" risers I saw on website to raise my Valejo rack.  I was able to get the new racks assembled/glued and all my paint organized.


While I was waiting for the glue to dry on the paint racks, I decided it was time to assemble my Guild Ball Engineer's starter set.  I have an intro game lined up for this Wednesday night so I was hoping to get all my models assemble, but only was able to complete the three.

Then on Saturday night, the last item on my agenda was to prep my third Infantry Section for my British Army.  I was able to get the sand applied to the bases and primer my models.  When time allows this week I will start working on them.

Sunday morning saw me organizing my Guild Ball tokens and dice in a new tray in preparation for Wednesday night, then a little relaxing before I headed out to Kalamazoo to meet some new players for a game of Warmachine/Hordes.  I do not have any gaming stores super close to me, but I am in the middle of 3 stores that are all about 40 miles from me.  I have Heroes and Havens to the West in Michigan City, IN (where I play Bolt Action), Fantasy Games to the South in South Bend, IN (large WM/H crowd, and some Guild Ball players), and to the East is Odyssey Games in Kalamazoo, MI.   Odyssey Games is mainly a 'Magic The Gathering' store, but they have 4'x4' tabletops to be placed on the card tables for miniature gaming.  Their selection of miniatures is weak (unless you like X-Wing)(Fantasy Games has the best selection of miniatures, probably one of the best selections I have ever seen in any gaming store).


In the afternoon I headed out to Odyssey Games to meetup with two players I met in a local Facebook Group.  Since it seems like I only play WM/H like once every six months, I am always having to re-learn what my models do.  So to keep it a bit fast, we elected to play just a 50 point game.  I brought back my Minions with me from Arizona and I was going up against Thomas who was playing Cryx.  I also wanted to play with the death clock so I can work on the speed of my play (though we were not using it to 'end' the game'.  At 50 points the clock was set to 42 minutes per player.  I thought I was actually playing pretty fast, but the clock still expired on me (seems to happen every time I play with the clock).  I was also losing on Control Points when the clock expired 4-0.  We played the game to the end and I lost 5-0.  I made some mistakes and I am still learning my Minions (and Hordes in general).  I was to wrapped up in my game that I forgot to take any pictures.  I did get a picture afterwards of Thomas (Cryx) playing TJ (Trollbloods) while I watched to see how those two played.  The Tablewar gaming mat and Broken Egg terrain in the picture I had brought with me.

Well that was the weekend roundup.  I am hoping to get another game of WM/H in this week along with my Guild Ball intro game.  I think next weekend I will stay in to complete some models.


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