January 3, 2015

LotR-LCG: 'Passage Through Mirkwood' (normal)

Date: 1/2/2015
Quest: Passage Through Mirkwood
Number of Players: 2
Heroes Player 1: Legolas, Gimli, Thalin
Heroes Player 2: Aragorn, Gloin, Theodred
Result: Success
Score: 116
Quest Mode: Normal

Later in the evening yesterday my son and I attempted to replay 'Passage Through Mirkwood' in 'normal' mode.  This was only the second time playing the game and first in this mode.  I thought for sure we were going to get slaughtered.  Lucky for us, the Encounter Deck was in our favor.  Seeing how we were also a little bit more familiar with the rules and our card texts we were able to play some combinations that easily took down the enemies.  We managed to complete the adventure in only 4 turns. We played this adventure still using the starter decks and we will probably attempt the next adventure with the same decks.  I think once we play the third adventure that has a difficulty rating of 7, we'll probably have to customize our decks.

The next adventure will be 'Journey Down the Anduin'.  We will probably be playing this one sometime later this week.  So stay tuned.


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